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Texas Singer Songwriter Duet Dawson & Lazo: Cosmic Jazz Rock Music

Lisa Lazo

Lisa Lazo is an emerging singer-songwriter based in Dallas, TX and currently in the studio working on her debut solo EP Son and Moon. After performing and recording with various musicians, DJs, and composers in the genres of dance, electronica, alternative, indie rock, jazz and film scores, she is now cultivating some of the best music from her life’s experience. Son and Moon will consist of moody electronics, driving guitars with a hint of middle eastern tones, and down-tempo, trippy love songs. The first track scheduled for release is Silk of Love, a haunting, tribal dance track feauturing twangy guitar riffs and a steady dance groove coupled with her silky, sultry spiritualized vocal melodies.

All of her music reflects personal trials, tribulations and breakthroughs within the human condition, however her journey in the realms of metaphysics and her experience as a massage therapist/energy healer is influencing her music in a most powerful way now. “I had no idea how much my massage therapy/energywork career would influence, add to, alter, transform, heal myself as a singer/songwriter! I am so blessed to have 2 passions in my life.” Some of her influences for this EP are Bjork, Portishead, Garbage, Lisa Gerrard, and Madonna to name a few. Lisa will be releasing her first single Silk of Love from the Son and Moon EP in Spring 2012.

“Dawson & Lazo” is a six song CD release with co-writer and producer Mike Dawson of Texas World Music. If you are a music lover or musician you will certainly enjoy this music…there is something for everyone in the variety of styles and energy that are expressed in this CD. From jazz influenced rock, reggae rock to an ambient world beat sound it is a cool mix of music!

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